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  • Benjamin Kang

What is an ‘Amarian’?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Our values to nurture the next generation of minds to advance humanity.

As the title jokingly suggests, an Amarian is anyone who has sowed their time at Amaris.AI. Being at the forefront of technology is not easy. It requires people who have ability to adapt and fail quickly (rapid prototyping) with an innovative mindset to solve problems.

At Amaris.AI, we believe in these core values as an organization:

1. Agile – The ability to be flexible and adaptive with emerging constraints.

2. Innovative – The ability to think critically with out-of-the-box solutions as an approach to solve problems.

3. Trusted – The ability to gain trust of our clients with sincerity and timely delivery. Our partnerships are genuine with a focus on a blue-ocean approach.

For the hopefuls interested to join us (i.e. graduate programmes), we build roles with your gifts and talent while honing your skills for progression. The key aspects of personal development for our staff are catered to these areas (both technical and business), namely:

1. Core Competency – Your bread and butter technical skillsets through on-the-job training or mentoring by your supervisor or manager.

2. Mental Models – Building a different perspective of your mind by understanding various domains at the bottom, middle and top level.

3. Soft Skills – Growing our staff with the relevant soft skills for progression as a technical subject matter expert or managerial candidate.

It brings us great joy to nurture the next generation. For interested applicants, please do to drop us a message at

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