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Take online learning to the next step through our AI-knowledge Hub

nextgen intelligent LMS

Learning Management System

AI tutor chatbot and automatically generates course content with AI education assessment generators.

nextgen engagement

NextGen AI

Create a hyper-personalized learning experience for your students with AI gamification.

edusecure plus


EduSecurity Plus enhance your security system.

NextGen Intelligent Learning Management System

 NextGen Intelligent LMS allows students to learn at their own pace with the help of an AI tutor that's available 24/7, along with automatically-generated assessment and content based on uploaded course material to reduce strain on our educators.


Artificial Intelligence Tutor

(Semantic Intelligence Chatbot)

With our AI Tutor, we hope to level the playing field for students of all learning paces and socioeconomic status. It can help lighten the load of our educators, while providing the same quality attention to students in helping them learn.


Guidance & 24/7 immediate assistance

Suggests supplementary content
(e.g. educational videos, guides)

Personalised curriculum for each student to help slower students catch up, and faster students learn more

Online test-amico

Automated Assessment Generators

With thelatest Transformer algorithms, we have developed an automated assessment generator that can produce assessment questions and answers from ingested course material. We strive to help reduce the load off educators so that they can focus on more important things students' learning experience.






True/False Questions


Curated Content Summarisation

NextGen Engagement

Digitalise and advance the way students learn through Behavioural Analysis and AR/VR Gamification. Having grown up in the technological age, we understand that Gen Z and Gen Alpha will not be satisfied with traditional methods of learning. That is why we have advanced the age of learning through online learning gamification, as well as learning through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

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Gamification & Behavioural Analysis

Learning objectives are integrated into games for students to play. This creates a more curated learning experience for students, while providing educators with a more holistic view of the entire learning journey of each individual student.


More engaged learning

Better representation of students' learning for educators 

Easier tracking of students' learning

Visionary technology-rafiki

AR/VR Gamification

Introducing AR and VR games with our partners as a new and better way of learning. Whether immersing students in AR or VR educational games, you can be sure that they will be fully excited and engaged in the learning.


Supports e-learning lab sessions

Supports "incursions" (indoor excursions) 

Curated learning experience through gamification

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