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Cybersecurity Solutions

Prevent tomorrow’s network threats today with Amaris.AI’s intelligent cybersecurity solutions and secure your infrastructure both on-premise and on the cloud.

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Driverless Data Diode

Securely transfer your file, featuring enhanced security through our AI File Sanitisation Software.


Cloud Data Diode

Secure your migration to the cloud with Amaris.AI's data diode for the Cloud. 


Adversarial AI Testing tool

Evaluation guidelines and a testing tool with AI system complete with attack intelligence.


Driverless Data Diode 

Protect critical assets in production environments and prevent data leakage of sensitive information with our World-First Driverless Data Diode. We have shrunk the traditional enterprise diode into a USB drive, some use cases include transferring data securely through an air-gap system with ease (Visitor Management Systems), or protecting your IoT devices. 

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World's first driverless plug-and-play USB device.

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Secure your IoT devices

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Enable secure file transfers across air gaps

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User friendly and cost efficient

Traditional Data Diode

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Requires software on both sender and receiver sides

Requires installation of software to support the usage

Requires shielding, dual power supplies, one for sender and one for receiver to stop EMI data leakage

Singular diode



Driverless Data Diode

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Only requires receiver program on the receiver side

Power only comes from Sender side, preventing EMI data leakage

Affortable price (approx. 10x more affordable)


Backend package comes in a pair



Cloud Diode

Combined properties of traditional data diodes with confidential computing to tackle the Cloud's data security problems. Migrating data to the cloud doesn't have to be a scary and risky decision. Our Cloud Diode and Confidential Computing software aims to secure cloud data with a zero-trust IoT network and minimal set up costs for transparent security on the cloud.

Use cases :

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Secure Cloud Operations

Secure Telegram Chatbot

Secure WhatsApp Chatbot

Secure File Transfer to Cloud

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57.7% confidence

Adversarial A.I Testing Tool

Setting guidelines for the world's first evaluation framework for AI Model Robustness. To counter adversarial attacks threatening our AI systems, we have designed the world's first guidance documents and framework, along with AI system hardening countermeasures with an adversarial testing sample generator to prevent AI system subversions to damage your critical infrastructure.

Synthetic Adversarial Examples

synthetic adversarial


99.3% confidence

Adversarial attacks are impending threats for our artificial intelligence systems. These attacks can be used to bypass, subvert or attack artificial intelligence systems to cause damage to critical enterprise infrastructure. In order to combat this impending threat, we enhance our world's AI system's security with the world's first guidance documents and framework, AI system hardening countermeasures against adversarial testing samples generated by our Amaris.AI Testrig.


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