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Amaris Data Diode

Adversarial AI &

Our Robustness Testing Tool

Adversarial attacks are impending threats for our artificial intelligence systems. These attacks can be used to bypass, subvert or attack artificial intelligence systems to cause damage to critical enterprise infrastructure.


In order to combat this impending threat, we plan to enhance our world's AI system's security with the world's first guidance documents and framework, AI system hardening countermeasures against adversarial testing samples generated by our Amaris.AI Testrig.


Introducing the Amaris Data Diode for Air-Gap (ADD-GAP)

Protect Your Critical Assets in Production Environments
Prevents Data Leakage of Sensitive Information

Amaris.AI's Driverless Data Diode

Taking Enterprise Diodes to a Personal Level
Driverless Technology with Plug-and-Play Compatibility
Currently Compatible with Windows, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi.
Enhanced Security with Amaris.AI's Sanitisation Software

Amaris.AI's Software Data Diode

Today, almost all large companies are migrating their data into the cloud, proclaiming a Cloud First model. Cloud Computing brings about many benefits such as reduced costs and data security. However, there are lingering concerns with the basic Cloud Security Model, such as the lack of high wall security to protect sensitive user data from potential attackers. Traditionally-used hardware data diodes used to implement high wall security cannot be used to secure the cloud perimeter.


In order to combat this impending threat, we plan to enhance our world's Cloud Security with the world's first data diode for the cloud, coupled with Confidential Computing to secure your data pathways for data in storage and in use. We are striving to make software data assurance as strong as hardware security.

Data Sanitisation
Document Sanitisation
Removes any active content from documents being sent to the internal network
Data Gateways
Extracts and sends external emails to internal network email account
Extracts and sends external telegram chats (Includes attachments) to internal network email account [AI Extensible]
Wireless File Transfer
Transfers data from a local wireless network to an internal environment PC

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