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Anti Deepfake as a Service

Advanced Deepfake Detection & Investigation System

Ever Growing Threat

DeepFake technology is easily accessible and has matured rapidly to the point that it can easily deceive individuals to perpetrate fraudulent activities. Thus, the quick and advanced detection of misinformative media is essential for organisations to counter the rising threat of digital forgery. The potential consequences of failing to address this issue are extensive, ranging from the dissemination of misinformation to the proliferation of next-generation crimes facilitated by highly automated phishing attacks..

Amaris.AI provides an all-encompassing synthetic media detection service that specialises in video and audio analysis. Our solution harnesses cutting-edge AI techniques to effectively thwart AI impersonation, utilising intelligent automation to combat the growing threats posed by digital forgery.


Use Cases

Detection of Misinformation from High Profile Person of Interest
Detection of Misinformation via Face-Swapping Technology
Zoom Deepfake
Investigate Zoom video impersonation
Voice Phishing
Detection of Audio Voice Phishing

Key Features of Our Service

Advanced AI Deepfake Detection

Advanced detection that detects both audio and video discrepancies from synthetic media. Supports detection of Deep Fakes to reveal fake news.

Comprehensive Incident Reporting Capabilities

Amaris.AI’s solution provides comprehensive generation of detection report alongside privacy and security controls to safeguard confidential data.

Forensics Investigation of Modus Operandi

Harness the power of AI analysis to identify perpetrators, uncovering their motivations and intentions. An investigation of criminal modus operandi will be conducted to possibly identify the attribution and the source of the attack.
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