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Identity capture using AI Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

AI Optical Character Recognition

Amidst today’s new world of Covid and Digital Economy omnipresent challenges, we struggle with the validation of the customers’ true identity and claims. Some examples include official family records to complete loan processing, proof of sales, vehicle or property registrations and title deeds to show his credit worth or to use as collateral for loans. Such documents are often not available as digital records or have poor print quality and thus cannot be OCRed effectively.

AI Image Enhancement Pipelines

AI OCR is a user-friendly OCR that features superlative accuracy and robustness to pre-process input images with poor lighting, shadows and glare, and physical distortions, solving data quality.


Improve Resolution 


Brighten Images


Remove Grains


Orientation Correction


Automated Cropping


Object recognition and Vehicle Plate Recognition 

Business and Product Classification and change tracking

  • Report generation of business functions

  • Product listing in eCommerce

KYC (Know Your Customer)​

  • University admission validation

  • Processing ID cards, passports, smart cards 

Payment Processing 

  • Invoice AI to support Robotic Process Automation

  • HR receipt claims with routing 

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