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AI Cybersecurity Course

Discover the transformative role of AI in cybersecurity as we approach the quantum age. Our AI Cybersecurity program offers insights into safeguarding digital systems in a Smart Nation, covering AI's use in defense, attack countermeasures, governance, and the development of risk management frameworks with a security-by-design approach.

Key Takeaways

Upon completing this program, you will achieve compliance, boost productivity, and enhance your skills through these components:


Artificial Intelligence


AI Cybersecurity


Policymaking and Governance for your Organisation





Artificial Intelligence: Introduction to general types of AI algorithms (via e-labs) such as machine vision and natural language processing applications

AI Cybersecurity: Knowledge on types of adversarial attacks, deception attacks, defence countermeasures, explainable AI

Policymaking and Governance for your Organisation: Risk management framework, security-by-design standards, legislation, and governance

Programmes: Guided learning pathways that touches on key aspects of AI Cybersecurity such as attacks, defences, and approaches to mitigate emerging threats

Assessments: Verify and benchmark your knowledge of AI Cybersecurity and competency

Programme Structure

This programme will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to AI and its Security (Smart Nation)

  • Cybersecurity AI (AI for Good)

  • Adversarial Attacks on Images, Text, and Others

  • AI Defense: Countermeasures

  • XAI: AI Explainability, Bias, and Fairness

  • Deception Attacks

  • Risk Management Framework, Security by Design Standards, Legislation and Governance

  • Future of AI and Leadership

  • (Final) MCQ Quiz

Online document-pana
data extraction

5 e-lab sessions are to be done in your own time:

  • Introduction to AI and CNN

  • Machine Vision Applications

  • NLP Applications

  • Adversarial Attacks & XAI

  • Deception Attacks

Fees & Schedule

The full programme fee is $400 per pax. E-learning accounts created for this programme are valid for a duration of 3 months.

** Please Note: The billing for this programme includes a non-refundable and non-replaceable policy, and GST is not applicable.

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