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Sound recognition is  based on modern AI Deep Learning pattern recognition and audio signal analysis.


AI Sound Event Recognition

AmAISound is our AI Sound Event Recognition System which recognizes the sound events and their respective temporal start and end time in a recording.

Vast Array of Applications

Forced Entry Indicator

Breaking door, glass etc.

Intruder Presence

Talking when there should not be anyone.

Unauthorized People Activities

illegal fishing.

Moving Vehicle Detector

Drone, Cars, Tractor etc.

Confirmation of False Alarm

Smart fence is disturbed by construction vehicles.

Indication of Cyber Physical attack 

Stuxnet centrifuge failure, power generator made to malfunction. 

Anywhere Audio Processing Engine

Optimised for fast modern CPU instead of requiring GPU with the use of Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) and AVX, optimized number libraries. 


Use an existing server, just add a low cost microphone. 

Sound event recognition is versatile and useful for physical security monitoring.

Use an embedded edge controller. Eg, Raspberry PI

Testing of key sounds showed that the technology is mature and is accurate.

Use AI at the edge, low cost Nvidia Nano

Many ways to implement cost effectively, e.g. augment CCTV.

Many other innovative applications

Support existing CCTV cameras as they will typically support sound streaming.

Add voice recognition as low cost biometrics e.g. for door access, or mobile phone access control.

Support voice transcription and criminal investigation related to background voice.

Review videos for events to support AI vision.

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