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Combining Artificial Intelligence with Internet-of-Things devices to deliver artificial intelligence at the edge for your organisation.

AI license plate recognition

AI License Plate Recognition

Object recognition AI models with hardware and edge cameras for on-street use-cases. 

covid kiosk

Covid Technology

AI IoT temperature screener with built-in mask-detection capabilities and seamless card check-in feature.

material scanner

Material Scanner

Converging AI and IoT to detect, analyse and classify materials for food safety, agriculture and counterfeit validation use-cases.

Edge 1

AI License Plate Recognition

We fused computer vision with AI video analytics to detect license plates in near real-time, among other car attributes such as vehicle orientation, colour, and type. Our License Plate Recognition software also helps back up images and videos to the cloud. Amaris LPR can detect license plates, car types, car makes, and car models for logistics and surveillance use-cases.

Use Cases


Location Service

Exploit GPS-style location services.

alert (1).png

Other Identification Task

Detect objects placed on parking lots, faded lot markings, road marking, parking lot numbers and check GIS data matches real time info.

no-stopping (1).png

Object Detection/Recognition

Various object detection such as Parked vehicle type, License plate value, Vehicle attributed, Illegal parking and etc.

parking (1).png

Violation Processing

Identify if vehicle has paid for parking using road markings.

time validation check

Time validation check

Check if vehicle parked on parking lot is during permitted parking hours.


Violation Case

Detect if vehicle get into accident

Material Scanner

Designed an algorithm to detect and classify materials based on intensity, absorbance and reflectance gathered from a scanning device with high levels of accuracy.

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