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Amaris Take Action System-Guard (ATAS-Guard) is a next-gen surveillance system with action & event detection capabilities, that can be used to remotely monitor user activities through images/audio to help detect and deter against anomalous events.


AI Action Detection

With the current circumstances in the world today, there has been a massive shift towards online meetings and platforms, which has also given rise to a new set of problems. How do we enable a controlled environment when we have to shift to an online platform?

Use Cases

AI Exam Proctoring

Young man studying online

Shoulder surfing system

Allows detection of a second person in the frame. 

No user detection

Real time monitoring of user present in an event. 

Audio Anomaly

Detection of sounds that are out of the ordinary.

Camera covered detection

Detects when the client’s camera/webcam is covered.

Event Logging

Unique event within a user session is logged saved as evidence.

An AI-assisted exam proctoring helps to improve remote examination quality with action and sound detection.


Automated Testing

Use Case

Action Recognition: Detection of proper Sit Up/Push Ups.

Automated testing helps to monitor individual physical proficiency. 

Ensure Safety At Work


Use Case

Enforcement of workers to wear appropriate safety gear and attire.


Real – Time detection that allows for quick interventions and notifications to safety officer such as validate construction site safety code, preventing accidents


Monitor Suspicious Event

Use Case

Detection of same person in close proximity to ATM for extended period of time, possibly doing malicious tampering to ATM


Remotely monitor ATMs/Kiosks/embedded systems through images/audio monitoring to detect and deter against attack events.


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Mobile camera/

camera detection

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Shoulder surfing detection

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Cover camera

check-mark (1).png

Network outage 


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Easy install/ setup


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Low overhead

Event logging

Shoulder surfing detection

Shoulder surfing detection

phone detection

Phone detection

No person detection

No person detection


Dashboard System

External RDP System Integration

Application Tampering Detection

Real-Time Alert System

Secure Bi-directional Communication

Unknown Speaker Detection

Facial Similarity Matching/Authentication



AmAICrypt is our Next Gen Virtual Disk Encryption Tool (hard disk encryption)

Amaris Sound Event System

Modern AI Deep Learning pattern recognition and audio signal analysis

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