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Our Mission

To develop solutions that are agile, innovative, and trusted.

About Us

Our vision is to advance humanity with our trustworthy, cutting-edge technology


Meet our Management


James Kang is an entrepreneur and former Singapore Government CIO. He spearheaded the national masterplan to transform Singapore to become the world’s first Smart Nation and propelled Singapore to the top in global e-Government rankings for several years.

Dr. Patrick

Dr Patrick Chan


Co-Founder - Chief Technology Officer

Dr Patrick Chan (PhD) is a world class data scientist and Kaggle Master. He has spent over 10 years competing internationally in multiple AI competitions with an average of top 2 percent placing. In 2020, Dr Patrick received a gold rank in Kaggle’s Multilingual Toxic Comments Classification Challenge. As a proven expert, Dr Patrick’s track record spans across multiple industries for big data, middleware and artificial intelligence research. 

Yu Chien Siang

Professor Yu Chien Siang


Chief Innovation & Trust Officer

Professor Yu Chien Siang is a Singapore Cybersecurity Hall-of-Famer with over 30 years of experience, having previously worked with Ministry of Home Affairs and Certis Cisco as a Chief Innovation Officer. He has pioneered and developed trustworthy, low power, low cost and secure AI systems. His innovation led to the development of the world's first driverless data diode and groundbreaking adversarial AI research.  

James Kang

Co-Founder - Chief Executive Officer

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