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AI Testing as a Service

Ensuring Safe and Trusted AI Systems

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At Amaris.AI, we understand the critical importance of AI systems meeting stringent ethical, privacy, security, and safety standards. Our AI Testing as a Service will offer an extensive range of validation capabilities across various Test Targets, ensuring your AI models and AIOps components are robust, secure, and can adhere to the most optimal level of compliance requirements cum regulatory standards, including those that are emerging.

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AI System Test Targets

Encompassing a wide spectrum of testing objectives and to discover compliance shortfalls.

AI Security (includes LLM)

  • Hallucination

  • Inference Attacks

  • Adversarial Attacks

  • Privacy Attacks

  • Prompt (other Injection) Attacks, Do Anything Now (DAN) Attacks

AIOps Security

  • Model and Codes Stealing

  • Accuracy

  • Performance

  • Resiliency and Recovery

  • Handling of operational errors

  • Model Drift/Adaptability

  • Data Integrity (Tampering/Poisoning)

  • Data Security (confidentiality)

  • Problem detection and alerts

  • Denial of Service Attacks

Speech2Text (ASR) AI Security Testing

  • Run adversarial audio attacks on Speech2text Whitebox and specific Blackbox Testing, which may be deployed for voice transcription, direct translation, sound event detection, voice robotic commands and machine controls when hands are not free. The objective is to assess the robustness and reliability of critical AI audio input systems.

  • Supports over-the-line and over-the-air testing.

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Governance and Compliance Reporting 

Provides a management level assessment of vulnerability impact, governance and policy gap analysis.

Gap Analysis Includes:

  • Are attacks real world and realistic?

  • Need for continuous monitoring.

  • What are the possible countermeasures

  • Risk reduction 

  • Reporting and documentation

  • AI Standards mapping as per MITRE ATLAS

  • References to Threat Intelligence

  • Supply chain issues

  • Lifecycle management

AI Safety

  • Human-in-the-Middle

  • High Risk Assessment

  • AI Malfunction Management


Provides consultancy and support to resolve vulnerabilities and problems detected and to assist in the development of AI maturity.

Consultancy Includes:

  • AI Security by Design 

  • Privacy by Design

  • Fairness by Design  

  • AIOps efficiency

  • cybersecurity integration

AI Governance

  • Bias and Ethics

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Custom Metrics and Measurements

  • Black Swan events

Common AI Applications that Require Testing

Document validation and Question/Answer
object recognition
Object Detection & Counting
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