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  • Benjamin Kang, Professor Yu

Frontier for Artificial Intelligence | ISO integration

The field of AI is evolving at such a rapid pace and expanding so rapidly that the AI ecosystem has been divided into a number of key areas spanning technical, societal and ethical consideration. Therefore, the ISO standard has been proposed to provide a high-level, practical understanding that can help organisations better prepare to consider the security implications of the AI systems they develop or deploy as well as to help practitioners communicate in the same language as regulators and technical experts.

Amaris.AI is delighted to share the good news that Singapore have recently achieved the first and only country in the world as point of reference in ISO integration standard. Singapore Standards has established a national technical reference that provides management guidelines to help understand the potential security risks and to establish the relevant design choices during the design stages for AI systems. It emphasize on scenarios that can have a legal social or economic impact.

Despite the fact that adversarial attacks on AI systems and measures to protect AI systems from such attacks are an ongoing research and development activity it is expected that some of this body of work can be used to inform the guidance in this proposed standard. We have designed the world's first guidance documents and framework, along with AI system hardening countermeasures with an adversarial testing sample generator to prevent AI system subversions to damage the critical infrastructure.

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