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  • Benjamin Kang

AI the Game Changer for Everything

Is AI the game changer for everything? Professor Yu shares his insights on why he believes AI is a strong change agent on several touchpoints:

1. What is AI? What can AI do?

2. AI is a total game changer

3. AI has downsides, as it can be attacked

4. Defending against such attacks

5. Conclusion

What is AI? What can AI do?

· Machines are now able to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent human beings.

· Incredible progress has been made over the past two years in machine comprehension, creative AI and autonomous robots.

· The concept of artificial general intelligence is not far.

AI is a total game changer

· Opinion that AI will disrupt blockchain, internet of things, fog computing, world order and education, training, and sales.

· Shares Amaris.AI’s role in disruptive technology – AI Take Action System, Document Intelligence, Creative AI, Digital Human, Fleet Management with several Amaris.AI’s use-cases.

· AI is increasingly deployed in all kinds of enterprise and smart nation automation.

· There will be impacts to governments, national security and jobs with AI automation.

AI has downsides, as it can be attacked

· Despite AI being a strong change agent, algorithms can be easily attacked with adversarial examples. These examples can be subtle.

· Needs to raise awareness on protecting AI systems as AI for everything will be a trend.

· Highlights several initiatives to protect AI such as AI Cybersecurity Policies for Robustness, Human Oversights and Adversarial Countermeasures


· AI is a game changer and needs to be protected.

· We need to defend strategic AI systems through control and blocking of adversarial attacks, provide guidance with AI security by design, extend governance into AI procurement deployment and develop an AI robustness testing framework to grow an ecosystem.

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