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Transforming Enterprises With Trustworthy AI

Amaris.AI is a leading AI and Cybersecurity company, born and bred in Singapore, led by former senior Government executives. We have an extensive portfolio of projects with high-profile clients, spreading across different domains like wealth management, government, telecommunication, logistics and retail.

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A.I Automation 

Automate laborious workflows with intelligent automation. Enhance your organization's value with next generation AI.

  • Document Intelligence

  • Action Recognition

  • Conversational Chatbots

  • Personalized Avatars

Face recognition

Next-Gen AI Cybersecurity

Prevent tomorrow’s network threats today and secure your infrastructure with our intelligent cybersecurity solutions.

  •   Adversarial AI

  •   Driverless/ Software Data Diode

  •   AI Inspection Tool

Fusing AI With Internet Of Things (IoT)

Integrate our AI and Cybersecurity solutions onto edge devices to help you capture and process data in near real-time.

  •   License Plate Recognition

  •   Covid Technology

  •   Material Scanner


Nurturing Young Minds With A.I 

Automate, secure and enhance your learning with our AI tutors, course content generator and proctoring products.  

Next Generation LMS

Next Generation Engagement

EduSecurity Plus

AI Knowledge Hub
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