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Artificial Intelligence

Make use of advancements in Artificial Intelligence to help your business increase productivity and efficiency. We pair consultancy with our cutting-edge AI tailor solutions to find the best solution for your business.

Product Features

document automation

Document Automation

Automate laborious workflows through intelligent processing of documents, images and videos.

action recognition

Action Recognition

Leverage on computer vision to identify objects or actions in images and video.

conversational AI

Conversational AI

Latest Transformer technology to build our conversational and contextually-intelligent chatbots.

avatar AI

AI Avatar

A hyper personalized AI chatbot experience for your customers.


Document Automation 

Automate rudimentary work with Document Intelligence platform.

Data Extraction

We make use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract information from different types of sources, such as PDFs, images and videos as well as text and illustrations like charts, graphs and tables. 

Use-cases :

automated invoice extraction

Automated Invoice Extraction

automated document search and extraction

Automated Document Search and Extraction

semantic analysis for documents audit

Semantic Analysis for Documents (Audit/Search)


Conversational Chatbots

data discovery
automated news tracking
alternative data generation
automated report generation
interactive visualisation and data summarisation

Data Discovery

We help you to utilize your data fully. Our machine learning data discovery module discovers, collects and evaluates data from various sources to help you understand trends and patterns to enable leaders to make better informed decisions.

Use-cases :

Automated News Tracking

Alternative Data Generation

Automated Report Generation

Interactive Visualisation and Data Summarisation


Action Recognition

Use computer vision to analyse image and video content with A.I Take Action System (ATAS) 

Action Recognition

We leverage on cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to automate advanced image processing tasks so you can allocate manpower to more important areas.

Use-cases :

Field work audits

Field work audits

AI video surveillance 

AI video surveilance

Conversational A.I

Our personalized conversational and intelligent chatbot to enable your consumers to enjoy a personalized engagement.

External Consumer Chatbot

Internal Staff Chatbot

AI Tutor for Course Delivery

AI News and Press Releases

Conversational AI
external consumer chatbot
internal staff chatbot
AI tutor
AI news

Use-cases : 


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